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Following a truck accident, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster from the insurance company. While it is essential to cooperate with the insurance company, it is equally important to be cautious with your words and actions. The insurance adjuster may come off as concerned about you, but remember that they are only doing this to get you into a tell-all trap. The adjuster can use the information you provide to either deny your truck accident claim or limit the compensation you receive. This article will discuss what to say (and not say) if an insurance adjuster calls you after a truck accident.

Be Polite

If an insurance adjuster calls you after a truck accident, remain calm and professional regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Avoid being confrontational, as this could harm your case later on. Instead, answer the adjuster’s questions respectfully.

Provide Basic Information

If the insurance adjuster asks for your name, contact information, and the date and location of the accident, it is okay to provide this basic information. However, it would be best to avoid giving detailed information about the accident or your injuries. If they ask about your injuries, say you received medical treatment and firmly leave it at that.

Ask for Their Information

If an insurance adjuster contacts you after a truck accident, it is crucial that you verify their credentials. Ask for their name, contact information, and the name of the insurance company they represent. The information can help you confirm the identity of the person you are speaking with and can be helpful if you need to follow up later.

Do Not Admit Fault

One key thing to remember when speaking with an insurance adjuster after a truck accident or any other accident is never to admit fault. Even if you may have contributed to the accident, do not admit to anything. Admitting fault could jeopardize your ability to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. The insurance company should investigate the accident and determine fault based on the evidence.

Do Not Provide a Recorded Statement

It is advisable not to make recorded statements, even if the insurance adjuster claims it would benefit your case. Despite their assurances, recorded statements can be used against you and may be taken out of context, potentially harming your case. You are under no legal obligation to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. Politely refuse to give a recorded statement and say you will provide all the necessary information in writing. If you believe they could be recording you, you have the right to hang up.

Do Not Agree to Settle

If the insurance adjuster proposes a settlement offer, you should not immediately agree to accept it. It is essential to understand that the adjuster’s job is to minimize the amount the insurance company pays out, so the initial offer may be less than what you deserve. By declining to settle immediately, you can negotiate a better settlement offer with the help of your attorney.

Refer the Adjuster to Your Attorney

If an insurance adjuster calls you and you are uncomfortable speaking with them, you can refer the adjuster to your attorney and inform them that further communication will be through your attorney. Once you have an attorney representing you, the adjuster should communicate only with your attorney. The attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and increase your likelihood of a fair settlement.

Take Notes

It is essential to document the details of the conversation as this information can serve as evidence if there is a misunderstanding later on. In addition, it can be challenging to remember all the details of a conversation. Taking notes immediately or during the call can help you remember important information and details. Place the notes with other documents related to the truck accident, such as the medical receipts and other evidence you may have.

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